Hello, Pet Parent!

I'm Sabrina Taljaard, a COAPE Qualified Animal Behaviour Practitioner and ThinkingPets Confi-Puppy Instructor making this the right place to be if you're looking for sound, science based training that works.

I offer Puppy Training Group Classes for pups younger than 18 weeks old in the Cape Town Northern Suburbs. I also offer private lessons and behaviour consults for people struggling with specific behaviour or training issues with their pet.

I train using only force-free and positive reinforcement techniques which means there's a do no harm approach when training your pet. That means we don't need spray bottles, choke chains or jerks on the lead to get our pets to work for us. We motivate your pet to want to work for you not work because they're forced to.  I teach you how to teach them in a manner that not only sets you up for life with a well adjusted pet, but also improves the bond you and your pets share.

Welcome to your training journey!



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