Animal Behaviour Consultation

An Animal Behaviour Consultation is for people struggling with a behavioural issue with their pet. This can include resource guarding, destructive behaviour, compulsive behaviour or unwanted behaviour directed toward bicycles, skate boards and the like.


I offer behaviour consultations to clients struggling with a behavioural issue with their pet. These consultations are conducted at your home in order for me to assess your pet in their normal environment. I offer practical advice specific to your needs as well as provide a thorough report and behaviour modification program after our appointment. While I may only be in your home for an hour or two I spend far more time working on your program.

Follow up sessions are usually required to begin implementing the program, how frequent these sessions take place are up to the owner. There is no quick fix for a behavioural issue, using aversive methods or so called quick-fixes merely suppress the behaviour but don’t change the behaviour in the long run.

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I am taking a break from behaviour consults at the moment but will be back soon.

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