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Puddleby Puppy Schoool


In light of the current global situation we’re practicing social distancing in class where we stand no closer than 1.5m from the next person, only one person to accompany a pup and there will be F10 Hand Sanitizer for use in class, each person is requested to sanitize when they arrive, leave and as often as they wish. 

Your pet can’t carry the virus but it can be transferred onto their fur so make sure your hands are clean before interacting with them.

The five-week Confi – Puppy 1 Course is for pups starting when they’re under 18 weeks old. These classes are designed to equip owners with the skills needed to raise a happy, well-balanced companion. 

Classes are run on Saturday mornings with the first lesson being an information session without your puppy.

Puppy socialization at an early age is vital as your puppy has a short critical window period before the onset of fear and hazard avoidance. It is during this period that they will learn most of their socialization skills and where we can assist with habituation and desensitization to everyday stimuli including noise, children and more. Classes includes information on important issues such as chewing, resource guarding, potty training, digging and bite inhibition to name a few. You will learn how to work with your puppy and teach them in a force-free manner.

Training is held once a week at the Durbanville Presbyterian Church premises in a group setting on Saturday mornings. Lessons run for around 45 minutes to an hour. Please contact me to confirm availability.

Puppy classes are proudly sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.


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