Confi-Puppy and Adolescent Classes

with Sabrina Pedlar

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Beginner Adolescent

Intermediate Adolescent

Private Consultations

Confi-Puppy Classes:

The ThinkingPets Confi-Puppy Course is designed to equip owners with the skills needed to raise a healthy, happy, well-balanced companion.

Puppy socialization at an early age is vital. Your puppy has a short critical window period before the onset of fear and hazard avoidance. It is in this critical period that he will learn most of his socialization skills and where we can assist with habituation and desensitisation to stimulus such as traffic, loud noises, children, etc.

Our six week course includes information on important issues such as digging, chewing, resource guarding, bite inhibition and more. You will learn how to work with your puppy in a force-free manner where we will teach you how to teach your puppy vital skills such as down, stay, leave, recall and more.

The fee is R 600 for the full six week course which includes a clicker and Puppy Manual.

Beginner Adolescent Classes:

Our Beginner Adolescent Classes are designed for new owners with puppies between 16 weeks and 18 months. These classes teach new owners basic clicker techniques as well as help your puppy build confidence and teach him skills such as focus, balance, body awareness and more.

Beginner Adolescent Classes cost R 100 per lesson and are run as a six week course. Clickers are sold separately for R 20 each.

Intermediate Adolescent Classes:

Our Intermediate Adolescent Classes are for owners and puppies with previous training experience aged between 16 weeks and 18 months. These classes help your puppy gain confidence, body awareness and a teach owners and pups a variety of skills applicable to every day life.

Intermediate Adolescent Classes cost R 100 per lesson and clickers are R 20 each.

Private Consultations:

I offer private consultations to clients struggling with a specific training problem. These consultations can be conducted at your home or at the place where the behaviour is an issue and offer practical advice specific to your needs.

Private consultations cost R 300 for the initial assessment and R 200 per session thereafter excluding km’s.  

All of our classes use force-free, positive reinforcement techniques which are proven to be the most efficient and longest lasting forms of training. These techniques not only teach your dog quickly but also improves your bond as you learn to communicate in a manner that each of you understand.