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Diet, it matters

I thought it a good idea to go over DIET this week as it is an important factor with training and behaviour that can be overlooked. A diet high in protein may lead to your dog having uninhibited arousal, lack of impulse control as well as increased aggression. With a low carbohydrate intake your pet is also likely to have increased impulsivity, aggressive behaviour, anti-social behaviour, anxiety as well as difficulty in learning. If you begin to notice these symptoms in your dog it may be a good idea to change to a kibble with less protein content.


After a meal blood sugar levels rise causing insulin to be secreted and glucose to be diverted to the liver where it is stored as glycogen. Low blood sugar can lead to a change in the normal behaviour, agitation and aggression. Meal times are often a highlight of the day to dogs so splitting your dog’s meals into two a day instead of one will further help improve their feeling of well-being and general contentment. This will lead to a reduction in reactivity, will aid in curbing attention seeking behaviour as well as over excitability.


Slow feeders can be incorporated into meal times to aid in slowing your dog down a little and to provide some mental stimulation in their day. There are also homemade inexpensive options of using a cool drink bottle with holes cut out. Varying these slow feeders at each meal time means that meal times in itself become novel experiences.


I hope this information helps you and your pet.


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